Males and ED

Males and ED

Aged men who make less love and who are happy with results using Viagra should certainly continue Viagra. Some patients who do not get optimal responses to Cialis may find out that Viagra is more to their liking. On the whole, these 3 drugs work and the patients have to consult their doctors about determining the drug that suits better for them and their sexual lifestyle. Three drugs recently and others in various clinical trial stages has not only increased the options of treatment for ed, but also has caused new confusion among doctors and patients. This can be added to other medications and vacuum therapy and it is not hard to understand why patients and possible patients are sceptical. ritardare l eiaculazione 

For all practical purposes, medical treatment starts from these drugs. In measured situations in which the males are young, sound, laboratory blood tests and such are normal doctors should search for the physical cause of their ed before drugs prescription because the disease process may be graver than its symptoms, other factors, the ed itself.

Sometimes primary disease treatment can in fact exclude the sexual disfunction. However, most men have other physical causes for ed as found in their lab tests and health history, that makes PDE-5 inhibitors a first alternative line. Selecting the right medicine is sometimes ennormously hard to do with no right data on every medicine and a careful talk about the sexual history of the patient and his partner. eiaculazione problemi

Let’s discuss these three drugs advantages and disadvantages and the intimate conditions that may indicate the purpose of one medicine over others.

Viagra was the first and is probably the most famous of the three PDE-5 inhibitors used to cure erectile dysfunction. Many years had been spent on researches before becoming available to the American public. It works in approximately 70% of all patients with all types of erectile dysfunction, though approximately 25% of them do not feel that the responses are optimal. controllare eiaculazione

While doing the studies on Viagra, there had been noticed improvement in sexual function; however, all men in the Studies of Viagra had problems with ED, whereas other two drugs studies were connected with patients who had success with Viagra. Major drawbacks of Viagra comprise decreased absorption because of meals. Empty stomach is required as absorption takes approximately half an hour.

The medicine takes about one hour for maximal effect, but loses 50% of its maximal concentration every four hours. For erection you should do sexual stimulation. Of the three drugs, the maximal concentration for Viagra is therapeutic. Side effects include soft headaches, strange visual disturbances with a bright sight, a blue-green aureole around the sight, face-reddening, dyspepsia. eiaculazione precoce rimedi