A first line of medical treatment

A first line of medical treatment

Older men who make less love and who are happy with the responses using Viagra should surely continue Viagra. Some men who are not contented with results to Cialis may find out that Viagra suits them more. On the whole, all three drugs work and the men should talk to their doctors about finding the one that suits best for them and their intimate lifestyle. III drugs recently and some others in diverse clinical trial levels has not only increased the treatment options for ed, but also has become the reason for new muddle among patients and doctors. It is accompanied by other medications and vacuum therapy and it is easy to see why patients and potential patients are sceptical. eiaculazione precoce rimedi 

Starting treatment, medical treatment starts from these drugs. In measured circumstances in which the males are healthy, young, laboratory blood tests or such are normal one should seek the physical reason for their erectile dysfunction before instituting treatment since the process of disease development may be graver than the symptoms, and so on, the erectile disfunction itself.

In some cases primary disease treatment can really eliminate the sexual dysfunction.

Still, most men have other physical causes for ed as written in their health history and lab tests, making PDE-5 inhibitors a first line of choice. Choosing the necessary medicine seems extremely difficult to do without necessary information on every drug and a painstaking talk about the sexual history of the patient and his mate. combattere eiaculazione precoce

Let’s talk about these three drugs advantages and disadvantages and the sexual circumstances indicating the purpose of one medicine over another. The first and is probably the most famous of the three PDE-5 inhibitors Viagra was used to cure erectile dysfunction. It had been researched for over a dozen years before becoming open to the American public. It gives results in more than a half of all men at any stage of ed, although around A FOURTH PART of them think that results are not optimal. combattere l eiaculazione precoce

While doing the studies on Viagra, the endpoint of efficacy was improvement in sexual function; nevertheless, all patients in the Studies of Viagra had ed, whereas studies for the other two drugs were based on patients who had success with Viagra.Viagra’s major drawbacks include decreased absorption because of meals. Empty stomach is the main condition as absorption takes approximately half an hour.

The medicine takes about 1 hour for maximal result, but loses 50% of its maximum concentration every 4 hours. For erection you should do sexual stimulation. Of the three drugs, when concentration for Viagra gets maximal it becomes therapeutic. Side effects include soft headaches, strange visual troubles with a bright vision, a blue-green aureole round the sight, indigestion, facial flushing.

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